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  • Our plumbers are fully licensed, and ensure their work is perfectly executed. Listed below are the essential services they provide

  • Study building plans determining materials required and details of work to be performed based on builder specifications and building codes

  • Extend water and sanitary pipes from city line into basement foundation

  • Measure, cut and drill holes in wall studs, joists, ceilings and floors using hole saws

  • Measure, cut and assemble copper and/or pex piping using elbows, couplings, bushings, pipe cutters, crimpers, crimper rings, solder and flammable heat for water system piping

  • Measure, cut, thread and assemble copper or flexible piping using tape measure, pipe cutters and pipe threading machine

  • Secure piping using brackets, clamps, screws and nails

  • Measure, cut and install flashing around roof venting system

  • Connect copper plumbing lines to main water and hot water tank and plastic plumbing pipes to sanitary drainage system

  • Connect gas lines to appliances such as furnace, hot water tanks, dryers, stoves, fireplaces and barbeques

  • Test lines for leaks using compressed air or water

  • Ensure work area is clean and safe.

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