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  • Study building plans determining materials required and details of work to be performed based upon builder specifications and building codes

  • Ensure poly vapor barrier on exterior walls is fastened correctly and repair if necessary

  • Measure wall or ceiling area determining optimal drywall layout

  • Maneuver drywall to required locations throughout worksite

  • Cut/score drywall to specific dimensions using tape measure and knife

  • Measure, cut, fit and fasten drywall to ceilings and interior walls

  • Remove drywall from window openings, light switches and electrical plug outlets using a router

  • Locate screws protruding from drywall surface, and set beneath surface using hand drills

  • Apply drywall compound to all seams, screw heads, gouges and corners in ceilings and walls using hand trowels and broad knives establishing a smooth, flush surface

  • Measure and cut drywall tape (paper), plastic, metal and paper corner beading, and set into drywall mud, removing excess compound with hand tools

  • Repeatedly apply drywall compound until build up reaches desired specifications, sanding between applications (if necessary)

  • Maintain tape and fill machines

  • Ensure ventilation and temperature are adequate for drywall compound application and drying

  • Use air-compressed spray guns to apply a textured spray mixture to ceilings

  • Ensure work area is clean and safe.

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