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  • Study building plans determining materials required and details of work to be performed based upon builder specifications and the Alberta Building Code

  • Inspect and repair sub-floor or drywall of any protruding nails/ screws, seams or minor deficiencies

  • Calculate squareness of room or wall determining starting point and spacing measurements required for equal distribution of tiles

  • Measure and snap chalk lines determining level lines and tile borders

  • Measure, mark and cut tiles as required using tile cutters and tile breakers

  • Apply adhesive to sections of wall or floor using notched trowel

  • Place and press tiles into adhesive with the required spacing, using prefabricated spacers

  • Mix and apply grouting compound over entire surface, filling spacing between tiles

  • Wash off excess grouting using warm water and a sponge creating beveled edges in between tiles, and dry with a dry towel

  • Apply silicon at junctions where tile switches into wall, ceiling or flooring

  • Ensure work area is clean and free of hazards.

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